Green Team

Meet our Green Team

We are proud to announce that, with the help of our Green Team, our facility has achieved Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer certification. Learn more here.

The Austin Subaru Green Team–made up of employees who are passionate about the environment–was formed to evaluate our dealership and find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We've established several eco-friendly practices within our facility to reduce our carbon footprint and better serve our community.

Here are a few things the Green Team has accomplished:

Austin Green Team Eliminate Plastics

Eliminating plastic products

Reducing waste is the most important first step in becoming sustainable. This is why single-use plastic water bottles have been eliminated from our facility. We gave reusable canteens to all our staff to help with the transition into cutting back on plastic. We also went one step further. All cups, lids, and straws in our cafe are compostable. They may look plastic, but they're actually made from corn!

Austin Subaru Green Team
Austin Subaru Green Team New Reusable Canteens
Green Team Recycling

Recycling & TerraCycle

We've made some changes to our recycling bins and signs to make them stand out more and cut down on confusion on what is and is not recyclable. We also have a partnership with TerraCycle, which takes items that cannot be recycled through single-stream recycling (like bottle tops, plastic bags, and wrappers) and turns them into things like park benches and picnic tables that we can then donate to the community.

Terracycle Bins
Green Team Composting


We compost now! Our compostable coffee bar cups and straws, plus items like food scraps, coffee grounds, and greasy pizza boxes, which cannot be recycled and would normally go to a landfill, are now instead used to grow gardens in Austin!

Austin Subaru Compost cup
Austin Subaru Greenware
Green Team Community Involvement

More community involvement

We increased our involvement in community programs focused on restoring, preserving, and protecting the environment through sponsorships and volunteer hours. A few of the organizations we work with are Keep Austin Beautiful and TreeFolks, where we've helped plant trees and clean up parks. And we're always looking for more local, environmental-focused organizations to support.

Keep Austin Beautiful